Porcelain Tile

The composition of porcelain tile is completely different than ceramic tile. Created from higher quality materials, porcelain tiles are much more dense. Porcelain tiles are fired longer and at higher temperatures than ceramic, creating an impervious surface that allows less than half a percent of water absorption. This creates a stronger, more durable material that can be used in a multitude of applications, from light traffic residential to high traffic commercial and industrial, to exterior surfaces that resist freezing.

Ankara Series One of many styles offered

Inspired by rich resources found in the hills of the ancient area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, Ankara closely resembles Jerusalem Limestone. This portfolio of wall and floor tile has the visual intricacies, sculpted edges and rustic depth of this popular quarried stone captured in maintenance free porcelain tile. The versatile palette and modular sizing meshes perfectly with the expansive offering of natural stone decorative tiles. Interchanging Ankara wall and floor pairing with the tumbled marble and limestone accents creates extraordinary installations. Step back in time and delight in the architectural wonder of Ankara.